Soft Touch Laser - Laser Hair Reduction, Skin Treatments and Much More
Armed with an FDA-approved Palomar IPL laser system, Soft Touch Laser's certified technician vanquish unwanted fuzz for men and women of various skin types. While staffers target one body area with smooth pulse light to permanently reduce hair growth, advanced contact cooling and dual filter technology minimize patients' discomfort from heat and light exposure. Though results can be noticed after one session, a series of six treatments triggers better results, achieving hair-thinning effects without the routine maintenance of waxing, tweezing or shaving hairy appendages.
We hope you can find everything you need. Soft Touch Laser is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Fall Foto Facial Special 3 treatments for $149.00
Now is the time of year to think about your skin.
As we age, the skin on our face, neck, chest, and hands may undergo various natural and environmentally induced changes that include: fine lines and wrinkles; broken capillaries; vascular lesions; scarring; sun damage and dark pigment discolorations such as sun-induced freckles, Melasma, Rosacea, and age spots. To deal with these unsightly imperfections, the Palomar Starlux ™ system uses AccuSpectrum ™ technology and treatment specific handpieces for versatility, smooth pulse technology to ensure patient comfort, photon recycling for maximum efficacy, plus an integrated contact cooling system for safety. This process gently diminishes the appearance of these skin blemishes without burning the skin’s surface. The result is glowing, smooth, blush-free skin and a more youthful appearance.

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